The first part of the panel “Hint Fiction: Stories that Prove Less is More” which took place on February 4, 2011, at the AWP conference in Washington, D.C. Panelist include Randall Brown, Roxane Gay, Michael Martone, Daniel Olivas, and Robert Swartwood


Post of no where

Every Friday, a lady comes and post a mail with no address. After staring at the postman for two minutes, she left with a smile.

the mother’s love

The telephone says:”This is a wrong number.Please check up and take the telephone number again…….”

The mother says:” My dear son,why you speak english everyday , I can’t understand ,but I miss you.”

Houston, We Have a Problem

“I’m sorry, but there’s not enough air in here for everyone. I’ll tell them you were a hero.”

For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn