Here comes my piece after got hinted by above mentioned one.

Science proves that to live longer requires
wearing a helmet. Or simply watch Korean Drama, cause crying is a good way to release emotion.


The End of Korean TV drama

Scientists have discoveried new technology to cure the Leukemia.

Circle of Life

From the day we arrive on the planet,
There’s more to see than can ever be seen,
More to do than can ever be done.

the unforgettable love

They encountered casually on the street.

” how are you?”


“how about him?”

“he is good, and you?”

“very good”

“and her?”

“She just told me she is good.”


As the last man on earth, he stays home until one day, someone knocking at the door.

How to creat hint fiction?

How to write:

Three questions to make your hint fiction story better 1. Does the title work? When you’re writing something this short, the title matters. On the Every DayFiction blog, Swartwood writes that the title is one of the form’s biggest hints. He calls it the setup to the joke. And, yes, the story is the punchline. Successful titles play a role in the overall story, as should be the case with any fiction or poetry form, yet hint fiction has little room for a story to develop and will most likely need the title to make it a success. When you write a hint fiction story, examine your title and ask yourself if it contributes to the rest of the story. Playing with words can be as fun as playing on the playground when you were a care-free six year old.2. Does the story suggest something larger or more complex? Swartwood created hint fiction with the idea that this form would do exactly what the above question asks: it hints at something grander. Does yours? 3. Does the story line contain a spin? This question is not essential to writing a successful short fiction, but it can help, according to a reviewer on Amazon.com: Many of the best of these stories share a technique: they set you up to think one way but, with the last sentence, spin you around. In that moment of confusion all the pieces are up in the air; how the puzzle comes back together is your version of the story, Dan Costin writes. Tricking or playing with the reader is a good tactic to try. So, why don’t you write your own hint fiction story? At first, it might be hard… When I write one, I try to think of something that matters or some instance that changes everything. Remember, word choice requires plucking active, energetic, exact words and using them in a way that flows naturally and distinctly. Play with your words; it’s the only way to write better.

Hint fiction, as we already know, content in few lines a more complex story. This new literature trend can be extended also to images and videos. Is not easy to resume in 25 words what can become a complex novel, professionals writers can tell! But you can try now! Let’s make it a little more interesting doing it in Spanish. Spanish is a very rich language so use your imagination to pick up the right words. Let’s start ending this example. Enjoy!

Hint fiction, como sabemos, es una historia compleja representada en pocas lineas. Esta nueva tendencia puede ser también representada en imágenes y videos. No es fácil resumir una novela en 25 palabras, escritores profesionales están de acuerdo en ello. Pero, ustedes pueden intentar crear una. Elegimos hacerlo en español debido a que el idioma contiene una variedad muy descriptiva de palabras. Eligan las palabras correctas y empecemos con este ejercicio.

End the story with 10 words – Termine la historia con 10 palabras


Sus lágrimas la cegan, él ni se inmuta. Una razón más para sacar el cuchillo…